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At Insurance Lady, Inc, we know that your pet is just as precious to you as any other member of your family, and that is exactly why they deserve the same level of treatment and health benefits. But unlike the rest of your family, the health of your pet can go from exemplary to poor without warning and may require drastic and expensive procedures that could force you to make difficult choices about the future of your animal.

That is why we’re happy to offer a wide variety of insurance policies and services to help protect your dog or cat. You shouldn’t have to determine how to handle the fate of a loved one because of your finances, whether they’re fluffy or not. We’ll use our years of professional expertise to ensure you the peace of mind of knowing that your pet’s health is all but assured no matter what may happen. Stop worrying and start having fun with your pet again. To find the policy that is right for you and your pet, contact us at Insurance Lady, Inc, today!

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Dog Insurance

As a proud dog parent, you’re always on top of your pooch’s health – walking them, grooming them, keeping up with their nutritional needs, and making sure that they get their regular visits to the vet. However, as dogs begin to age they become increasingly prone to unexpected illness and injury pertaining to their specific breed, requiring more frequent and more expensive trips to your vet. Whether your dog has an unexpected injury or develops a serious medical condition, the professionals at Insurance Lady, Inc will make sure sure that both their health and your wallet are protected at the vet. Contact us to fetch your Dog Insurance quote today!
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Cat Insurance

We all know that they can be mischievous sometimes, but you still want to keep your feline feeling fine. They may spend most of their lives sleeping, but that doesn’t mean that your cat’s curiosity will never get the better of him. Should your feline friend become injured or ill, a Cat Insurance policy from Insurance Lady, Inc could help save you money and stress during your next visit to the vet. We offer a wide variety of policies to help you decide what is best for the happiness of your cat and of your wallet. To see what policy is right for your cat, contact our professional staff today!
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